Twitteriffic Tweets: Your Mom's Got Game

by Chiara Atik · July 23, 2010

    @StevenRojas The rumors are true, @tommysaleh is getting a temporary pool for the @SohoGrandHotel. Be there tomorrow! - @fneel Just saw a woman go up to a stunning model-type and tell her she wanted to get her contact info for her son. It worked. #Nontraditionalgame-

    - @caitlinmoe it doesn't get any better than getting to the airport at 6am to find out your flight isn't booked. @diggylloyd welcome to the #homelesstour - - @emilybungertMN Heading to San Diego, can't wait to experience Comic Con! - -

    - @carolhan Jane and Le Bain in one night and I'm home at a decent hour, tucked into bed. Miracles DO happen! - - @tommysaleh My 1st time at Pulino's late bite w @TheMiszuk. midnight burgers r great, pizza crust wasn't very good! #Wishfulthinking, missing ITALIA!! - - @harleyvnewton Djing 1Oaks tonight with @CaseyCoane and @JusSke wooooooooo -

    - - @Bethenny Awww thanks!RT @IvankaTrump: Watching Bethenny's Getting Married...I kind of think that @Bethenny is the funniest person ever! - - @nedhepburn official stance on dating people that "dont like bob dylan": undateable.