Twitterific Tweets!

by Rachelle Hruska · July 27, 2009

    @caro The top ten songs the Web brought back. Guess what #1 is: about 2 hours ago from TweetDeck-

    @StellaMcCartney Check out the ITN report on Meat Free Monday with Stella, family and friends (MFM Youtube page) - about 3 hours ago from

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    @Scottlipps this Wedesday, done planning my bday bash at the Cooper Square Hotel, if were friends, guest list...and see you there.. about 9 hours ago from web

    @sarahkunst @virtualoliver has the BEST blog ever., tho I wish it devoted more posts to ziploc bags... about 9 hours ago from web

    @Bethenny Had dinner at bar at the pearl. Best meal on nantucket.S&Pepper lobster, soft shell crab. I'm a full animal yet just had lil bit of it all. about 10 hours ago from TwitterBerry

    @AdrienField Got caught in this flash flood post Potter. God is crying that Dumbledore died, je pense. about 12 hours ago from TweetDeck

    @CarsonGriffith Taking @virtualoliver for his first Hamptons beach experience EVER. he's dressed in jeans & a tshirt though. we're not cracking him fully. about 18 hours ago from web

    @dizzyblazeberg So I'm in Missouri, in the F-ing Ozarks, missing metropolitan GLAMOUR... Boom! Turns out Bret Michaels is playing at the Horny Toad TONIGHT about 20 hours ago from TwitterBerry

    @alexa_chung Cafe gitane is so yum. I really showed the avocado on toast who's boss (me). about 21 hours ago from TwitterBerry


    @IvankaTrump"Unless a man undertakes more than he can possibly do, he will never do all that he can." Henry Drummond 1:28 AM Jul 26th from web

    @virtualoliver Running errands (clam bakes, surf lodges, etc) with @rachellehruska @sarahkunst @jgbrooksjr in the @guestofaguest vw toureg. 11:46 PM Jul 25th from UberTwitter