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by Rachelle Hruska · August 25, 2009

    @danielabrams Based on what we know now, does anyone think Dr. Murray should not be charged in the Jackson case? 38 minutes ago from web

    @KatieLeeJoel @garyvee Favorite summer wines: Robert Sinskey rose and Chateau du Champ des Treilles white bordeaux...have you tried either? 42 minutes ago from web in reply to garyvee

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    @johncmayer Smucker's Uncrustables peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are to be thawed and not microwaved. But I'm high now! about 3 hours ago from Twittelator

    @AshleySimko On my way out of Balthazar I asked for matches and they also gave me a massive box of tarts. Falling in love with that spot all over again. about 8 hours ago from Tweetie

    @monstermaltz @rzrachelzoe the season premiere was genius! Loved your live commentary while we watched. "Chanel diploma!" about 9 hours ago from UberTwitter

    @scotterikb loved Britney Spears Circus! She looks great, seems like shes having fun and danced her little butt off. about 10 hours ago from mobile web

    @RachelSterne @mrskutcher? RT @Thessaly When will there be an episode of #Entourage with Demi Moore where some other movie star says, "Don't tweet that." about 11 hours ago from web

    @misswill It isn't Serendipity y'all. Britney is somewhere known as a "guilty pleasure" in Times Square. Thoughts and Ideas? Go find the Brit clown! about 15 hours ago from web