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by SARAH MANDATO · August 28, 2009

    @mediaite COVER WARS! News-less Newsweeklies keep the summer evergreen CH less than 20 seconds ago from web

    @nickgray Icon_lock "When in doubt, zoom out." -Jake Lodwick quoting Reggie Watts. - 5 minutes ago from TweetDeck

    @shiralazar BTW- you can watch the social good conference streaming live starting at 9am EST about 1 hour ago from TweetDeck

    @MaryRambin Hollywood handed me my ass tonight. Went to Bardot, which for me is Spider Club from 5+ yrs ago. Partied @ B Spears old table = damn I'm old about 3 hours ago from TweetDeck

    @davidkarp I’m absolutely addicted to a new Tumblr feature.  It should be ready next week! about 4 hours ago from Tumblr

    @AdrienField @littleylittley Moi? I have no guard. Just several layers of foundation. about 6 hours ago from web