Twitterific Tweets: 4am Mornings And Crazy Antics

by CHRISTINE LAI · July 14, 2010

    @ derekblasberg Very hazy morning. Why am I up at 415am? Why is Gatwick airport all the way in Gatwick? How was I convinced to go back to France for 24 hrs?- -

    @ ByrdieBell Just got locked in bedroom- climbed out window, jumped onto roof of next building, climbed down fire escape and into an open hallway window-- - -

    @ hjoneslawrence don't bring lube into a subway station and hide it under your shirt for covertness. a cop WILL accost you.- - -

    @ maliksochic i am sooooooo motivated by haters right now it makes NO SENSE im lovinnn it!- - -

    @ Sn00ki Is it weird that I wanna be a vampire? Raaawr.- - -


    @ AJMukamal you are my hero #nutellacuresall RT @JillHayley: The stress of this day has brought me to eating nutella out of the jar...spoon in hand- - -

    @ bryanboy Lol i hope people wont look at me when i check in cause im wearing a black tee that says 'please shut the fuck up' and topman pyjamas.- - -

    @ thecobrasnake Just leaving @thecobrashop Going to the supermarket at 4am on my vespa. Shopping with coupons. Waking up early. Going hiking. Loving life