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by Rachelle Hruska · September 16, 2009

    @dizzyblazeberg Then we got Kiki, Bjork, Dree and Courtney at the Another Magazine dinner at the Jane Hotel (which was JAIN): half a minute ago from web

    @toryburch 8:58am and the models are lined up...we're opening the doors. #NYFW: 41 minutes ago from Facebook

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    @ashleydupre - No press knew I was walking in the show so the focus stayed on what fashion week is all about - the designer ... about 2 hours ago from TwitPic

    @arielilana @carsongriffith has an owl dress, a giraffe shirt, lobster pants , horse pants, fish shirts..and a matching top to my bottoms. And a zoo! about 6 hours ago from UberTwitter

    @ByrdieBell "Thinking, logical thinking, can do one thing: it can destroy belief. But it cannot lead you into truth." about 7 hours ago from UberTwitter

    @danielleasnyder Met @alexa_chung tonight at my spot Gemma. she used words like 'Brilliant.' Told her about @DANNIJO. duh about 8 hours ago from web

    @womensweardaily Lindsay Lohan, Nicky Hilton, Stephen Dorff and Devon Aoki at Indochine for Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld's after party. about 10 hours ago from HootSuite

    @carr2n RT @tromano Just got this txt: Kanye West just interrupted Patrick Swayzes funeral to let everyone know Michael Jacksons death was better. about 11 hours ago from Power Twitter