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by Rachelle Hruska · October 1, 2009

    @rachelsklar Sesame Street's Mad Men parody is out! Except no Betty, Joanie or PEGGY. Hmph. Don Draper v. hot in felt. (via @raywert) 1 minute ago from TweetDeck

    @IvankaTrump 4 girlfriends threw me the most amazing bridal shower last night. Just a small group of old friends and was lovely! 16 minutes ago from web

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    @dizzyblazeberg I always look for that faded L'Oreal poster of Doubtzen, Noemie and Letitecia off the motorway from the airport. Now I know I'm in Paris! about 2 hours ago from TwitterBerry

    @lindsaylohan i'm too tired to sit in an interview!! @samantharonson sleep well for me lol i'm jealous that it's sleepytime in LA about 5 hours ago from web

    @caro So, @jtimberlake has to duck out of tmrw's party for a SF start-up he's invested in because he has to be on-set for "The Social Network." Hm about 8 hours ago from TweetDeck

    @jack Wow. The 18th floor of The Standard NYC is amazingly gorgeous. Great work, @StanDArde! about 8 hours ago from txt


    @arielilana is it me or does justin bobby look like the unibomber? #icantbelieveimwatchingthehills about 10 hours ago from web

    @CarsonGriffith Props 2 @getthere for the Stoli party at Juliet - prob 1 of the best looking crowds I've seen since NYFW. The cast of GG always helps that 2 about 11 hours ago from UberTwitter