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by Rachelle Hruska · October 12, 2009

    @jonsteinberg Stupid Columbus day hours not open till 9 (@ Pastis in NYC) about 1 hour ago from foursquare


    @steveaoki I made it Tokyo! Two days off here...Spending time with my mom before i head off to Australia for the crazy club tour! Monday night party? about 3 hours ago from web

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    @justinrocket Sleeping with ex's. When is this ok? When is it not? That I'm tweeting right now means tonight I went with not. about 10 hours ago from Tweetie

    @Ashley Simko The heels of these Chanel shoes are made from battery-operated light bulbs. Such a bright idea... about 13 hours ago from web

    @dizzyblazeberg DELIMMA! My English friend is now dating that Melrose from ANTM, but has no idea she was on that show - he'd be mortified! Do I tell him??? about 15 hours ago from web

    @thecajunboy The entire Oakland Raiders organization could really benefit from gangbanging Kate Hudson right now. about 20 hours ago from TinyTwitter

    @foursquare We're back up and running again! Whew, and sorry about that! (Saturday nights are still crushing us!) about 21 hours ago from web

    @OliviaPalermo I was buying designer knock off bags for work purposes. Personally I will never buy fake designer bag. If you can't affort the real thing.. 8:22 AM Oct 11th from web

    @ByrdieBell Evidently Barclay is the new Beatrice but do we need a new Beatrice? 2:26 AM Oct 11th from Tweetie