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by Stanely Stuyvesant · October 19, 2009

    @kylehc After 23 years of avoiding it, today I join the formal economy. Benefits and all. 3 minutes ago from UberTwitter

    @AshleySimko "We Were Once A Fairytale" is a short film directed by Spike Jonze, featuring Kanye West... about 7 hours ago from web

    @littleylittley Scarlett Johansson is in at MANGO , Cruz is out

    about 9 hours ago from web

    @stephaniewei This week's edition of Know Your Asians: Ai Miyazato (Eye Me-Ya-Za-Toe) about 12 hours sgo from web

    @justinrocket While waiting at baggage claim at Tokyo airport, treated to TV slide show of all the narcotics it's illegal to carry. Very entertaining. about 12 hours ago from web

    @dizzyblazeberg Two of last week's fetes, one at St James for a 300yr old society rag: and a superchic house party: about 15 hours ago from web