Twitterific Tweets: A Thursday Night Mix Up At Soho Grand

by MIGUELINA NUNEZ · July 16, 2010

    @CarsonGriffith U know ure going crazy when u mix ur days up 4 events. showed up @ Soho House & they looked @ me like a kook, felt bad & offered me a drink. -

    MikeNouveau Getting ready* for a big night at AVENUE tonight. *getting ready consists of me eating fried rice in the dark in my underwear


    @beckadiamond Tonight @SohoGrandHotel with special guest @JaneBang - -

    @harleyvnewton DJing 1 Oak tonight with @CaseyCoane and my fav dj/bff @JusSke, I feel like big meech! - -

    @whitneyEVEport The Hills finale party was quite the family affair...


    @XxPJC At kenmare with @peterdavisnyc #sosupercute -

    @bevyjreyes At humming bird bakery. Mmmm London. Tonite send off party for @jamesjammcmahon via super girl @radarmaker....converse trainer sizes? ;) - -

    @JWMunson Crazy girls are like unpinned grenades. At first it gets your adrenaline going but hold on too long and that shit totally blows up on you - -