Twitterific Tweets: Boarding School Nostalgia And Magnolia Cupcake Aroma

by CHRISTINE LAI · July 22, 2010

    @Choire Just got totally busted tossing cat food to Yardy, the neighborhood stray. Secret plan to make him mine no longer secret. #crazycatladyisme-

    - @ LHearst ☂ Darn, I think I'm bringing the rain with me... First LA then Vienna and now London! Stay dry everyone!!! ☂- - -

    @ FabiolaBeracasa I love a flower shop too! RT @BatGiovanna: Some time I think I would love to have a flower shop instead of working in fashion ... :-)- - -

    @ MinnieMortimer The grateful dead channel on the satelite radio in my car is bringing me right back to my boardingschool days.- - -

    @ thecobrasnake Beer and havaianas best combo for my birthday - -

    @ Bethenny my new 2nd asst jackie was driving skinnygirl car to PA for signing tomorrow.cop stopped her thinking it was me to meet me.she was panicked.- - -

    @ TheMatthewRush I wonder if Ke$ha is known as Ke£ha in the United Kingdom?- - -

    @ derekblasberg Another part of New York, another nostalgic olfactory experience: Walking down Bleeker Street and the cupcake smell at Magnolia... Mmmm.