Twitterific Tweets: Getting to the Gym for Summer Bodies

by CHRISTINE LAI · July 13, 2010

    @ derekblasberg How funny: I'm told I'm as sexy as warm soup all the time! RT @chrissbrenner: This look heated my gazpacho! -


    @ AustinWilde Observations determine that 9pm is when my new next ex husband goes to the gym. I now have a new gym time. #creeper - -

    @ AskMrMickey Making my triumphant return to the trainer today after a months away. My ass hurts in advance.- - -

    @ bryanboy People are raising their expectations, Go on and feed them, this is your moment, no hesitations.- - -

    @ kristianlaliber This whole week I'm living on vitamin water 0 and cliff bars. #nothingtastesbetterthanskinny- - -

    @ Bethenny Are any of u mental patients like myself who squeeze the toothpaste tube until there isn't any left whatsoever(even when I have other tubes)- - -

    @ nedhepburn just applied to Pitchfork. if hired, the circle will be complete and i can finally Leap to the next body.