Twitterific Tweets: If Ferris Bueller Had Facebook, Talk Of The Google Phone, And Friends Remember Casey Johnson

by Rachelle Hruska · January 5, 2010

    @NYCcyn RT @nytjim: What Ferris Bueller could have done with Facebook and Twitter. about 1 hour ago from mobile web

    @fredwilson It's Jan 5th so I can talk about the Google Phone about 2 hours ago from


    @aliwise My deepest sympathies go out to the Johnson family. My prayers and love are with you. Rest in Peace Casey. You will be missed Tween xo about 10 hours ago from web


    @Sn00ki omg i just realized Valentines Day is coming up and Im Single......wahhh!!! about 11 hours ago from Facebook

    @malsirrah Casey J. my dear friend you will truly be missed..I will mostly miss your late night purse calls and trying to decipher what you were up to. about 11 hours ago from web

    @misswill Brittany Murphy, Michael Jackson, Casey Johnson - how many more will die before laws change. $ buys everything these days even from doctors. about 11 hours ago from web

    @lindsaylohan r.I.p. To a friend to and of many- Casey Johnson- my regards to her family, friends and her beautiful daughter Ava* you are in our hearts CJ about 12 hours ago from UberTwitter