Twitterific Tweets: Love For Larry King

by CHRISTINE LAI · June 30, 2010

    @ danielshea Now that he's stepping down from CNN show, I can announce: Larry King is, literally, my icon. Chat icon & desktop/phone backgrnd

    @ carolhan think I have a Twilight hangover. #exhausted #nomoremidnightshows

    - - @ caitlinmoe the only good part of not being able to sleep at 5am is looking out the window and playing the "just getting in or going to work?" game

    - - @justinrocket "Pizza don't solve everything," said the drunk skunk at Nino's.

    - - @mrjoezee After these last 2 days of NYC temps, I've been as hot as I can be. :) RT @TresDarius I want to be as hot as @mrjoezee one day.

    - - @AJMukamal new bus platform complete w/ chic stainless steel benches on broadway & spring! Happy Summer NYC!

    - - @maliksochic i wish someone would blow my vuvuzella!


    @ Lafsky At Minetta preparing my stomach for full-scale assault.