Twitterific Tweets

by Rachelle Hruska · December 16, 2009

    @womensweardaily Ungaro's president, Mounir Mouffarge (who brought Lindsay Lohan to the brand) has resigned. [SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED] 2 minutes ago from HootSuite

    @CarsonGriffith No shit! And I thought there was something wrong with me... RT @LDNfashion: Women More Attached to Shoes Than to Lovers 4 minutes ago from UberTwitter

    @RobertVerdi Join me tomorrow night on Twitter, as I dish my TOP 10 last minute Holiday Gift Ideas! Follow along, 7pm EST ! 21 minutes ago from CoTweet

    @rzrachelzoe such a moment!! xoRZ RT @mrskutcher: 2nd day of my Harpers Bazaar shoot w/ Mark Seliger & Rachel Zoe! Shooting a real giraffe so excited! about 8 hours ago from TweetDeck

    @LevenRambin Spotted Ben Stiller, Jack Black, and Zack Galifinakis walking together. Hopefully planning the next blockbuster comedy! about 8 hours ago from TwitterBerry

    @jenny8lee Second City's alum incl Tina Fey, Colbert, Steve Carell. Is it at a peak? about 9 hours ago from txt

    @Britt4ChiChi212 Mark Birnbaum's mom's meatballs are on the menu. So cute! about 9 hours ago from UberTwitter


    @dizzyblazeberg But oh, NINE is the most pro-tobacco film I have ever seen - and I'm an Old Hollywood buff. I want to, like, smoke a million cigs right now. about 11 hours ago from TwitterBerry

    @carney Everyone at this Nee York tech/media party is talking about how they love Russia Today about 13 hours ago from Tweetie