Twitterific Tweets; Martha Stewart Prepares For P.Diddy's 40th, Twilight Premieres, And Levi Johnston Gets Twitter

by Rachelle Hruska · November 19, 2009

    @carney No F or G train in Brooklyn. The rumor is taht someone got hit by train at 7th ave. 24 minutes ago from web

    @MarthaStewart tonight big booksigning at borders in syosset long island see you all there then back to nyc for p.diddy 40th birthday bash what to wear?? about 3 hours ago from web

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    @questlove today was a surreal "corporate" day @ the gig: we took HR/sensitivity (mandatory) course (thinking of The Office's version) & then bowling about 7 hours ago from web

    @Britt4ChiChi212 Jay-z hugged me in the elevator for "body warmth" Tonight, i could hold a candle to Beyonce Hot damn! about 8 hours ago from mobile web

    @vmslive Oh snap, Heidi & Spencer Pratt got booed when Conan announced them on The Tonight Show! LMAO about 10 hours ago from Facebook

    @IvankaTrump Just left A Steady Rain. Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig were AMAZING! Definitely a broadway show worth seeing. about 12 hours ago from UberTwitter

    @chiatola Just saw Twilight New Moon. Good lor it was like porn for pre-teens. Never heard so much squealing and giggling in my life. about 12 hours ago from TweetDeck

    @LeviJohnston05 Exclusive :: I WILL PERSONALLY leak some pics that don't make the spread ONLY TO Twitter followers? - NEVER BEFORE SEEN - SO FOLLOW ! about 13 hours ago from web

    @mgogel There are 2 types of people at every party...those who buy drinks & those who only come b/c they know they dont have to pay at all.Fair? about 15 hours ago from UberTwitter

    @RLFIII EXHAUSTED!Still at wk, then headed to @civetts and @ajslavin event at RDV, then to Minnie Mortimer after party. Missing Fendi & Screening :( about 15 hours ago from UberTwitter