Twitterific Tweets; Rufus Wainright At Rose Bar, Ashton Kutcher At SXSW

by Rachelle Hruska · March 16, 2010

    @shawnpmcd My bro is black AND white. #MJ RT @XxPJC: If you're thinking 'bout being my brother it don't matter if you're black or white!! Xx about 1 hours ago via TweetDeck

    @XxPJC @shawnpmcd Don't let Jules know that!! Only half of you will be able to hang out with her!! haha #ImpoverishedHitlerYouth about 1 hours ago via web in reply to shawnpmcd

    @gideonyago Merton PianoChatImprov bombs Chat Roulette FTW! about 9 hours ago via web

    @jake_dwyer @ev and @carr2n grinding on the dancefloor in the rain at the @foursquare party with @aplusk looking on from above. Seems 4sq's made it. about 10 hours ago via Twittelator

    @AdrienField Just had the most reinvigorating bath: when you're Jewish and gay, your best friends are a waxing esthetician and a good razor. about 15 hours ago via web

    @thecajunboy Just woke up from my annual Monday after daylight savings 2-hr nap. Now I'll be up til 4am. This thing is pure evil. about 11 hours ago via web

    @fneel Rufus Wainright tickin' the ivories at gram park hotel. He is really good at the piano (for a homosexual). about 11 hours ago via UberTwitter

    @cjronson At sothebys to support #andrewlevitas selling his art for Haiti. Patti Smith performing. #imaluckygirl about 12 hours ago via OpenBeak

    @themoment The Cole Haan/Todd Selby bash at 10 Downing is hopping: Mickey Boardman; Bryan Boy, Bonnie Morrison, Lynn Yaeger are among the revelers. HS about 13 hours ago via web

    @Bevansburg @iambeeshaffer my facts are straight dude. she is one of my best friends. what u are doing is very weird and illegal. about 14 hours ago via mobile web

    @samantharonson Deciding whether or not I want to buy the iPad. It's basically an over-sized iPhone, as neither one makes phone calls. hmm, what to do? about 14 hours ago via web

    @littleylittley #GossipGirl Season's Finale on May 17th may be last ep..ever. CW is waiting to see the numbers of the last eps b4 renewing for anthr season. about 15 hours ago via web