Twitterific Tweets: Saved By The Bell Relevant Again

by MIGUELINA NUNEZ · June 17, 2010

    @drunkstepfather The Saved By The Bell episode where they find oil in the schoolyard and the duck dies is so relevant now. It's like Zac Morris warned us. - - @johncmayer Village Underground: 130 W 3rd St, Btw 6th Ave and MacDougal St, Greenwich Village NYC. about 7 hours ago via Twittelator Reply Retweet johncmayer 3am show at Village underground... Going to play an hour set. $10.

    - @beckadiamond Johhny T gave me my first dj gig in nyc @Niagara where I spun only vinyl+ is now taking his chances on a new blonde @FaranKrentcil. Awesome. -

    @AJMukamal WOOT WOOT! Be there! RT @mattkays: Our new Friday Party @TribecaGrandNYC on @GAYLETTER this week #awesome --

    @caitlinmoe back in the city for a few days...playing on the rooftop of the kimberly hotel w @miamoretti for tanqueray's 200th anniversary! #ginandjuice --

    @MinnieMortimer Lols 2x mickey RT @AskMrMickey: Je suis fatty-gay. (get it? fatigue with the little accent? Hello?) - -

    @thecobrasnake Flying to nyc right now! Can't wait for #YSLparty tomorrow! @bunnyBISOUS @Cory_Kennedy @atlantabean @theselby @harleyvnewton @alexaXchung - -

    @chrissiemiller Haaaaaaa!!! RT @AskMrMickey: Sometimes I wish I was someone else just so I could be friends with me. --

    @derekblasberg I have had the theme song from Captain Planet stuck in my head all day.