Twitterific Tweets: Smack As A Birthday Gift

by CHRISTINE LAI · June 25, 2010

    @FabiolaBeracasa Its my bday! I love smack:) - @ MissLeslieG A new study says the more gay male friends a woman has the better her body image and feelings of attractiveness. Oh gays, you rule.- - - - @ emilybungertMN Eek! Rats running by my toes! Obviously I am back in NYC..- - - - @ AJMukamal your face is your best accesory RT @Carine_Roitfeld: Of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important- - - -

    @lennyemery Rich NY kids are like dealing with politicians small children who think there Sinatra.- - - -

    @ nedhepburn RT @Neil_Hamburger Michael Jackson, make this a THRILLER of a summer by coming back to life on the 1st anniversary of your death. #please- - - - @meganpfautz There is beauty in the world right now. It's not yankees fans vs red sox fans or patriots fans vs giants fans. It's all of us as USA fans.- - - - @Bethenny Can we please dicuss the irony that I was up all night with cookie but not bryn?