Twitterific Tweets: Snoopdogg In Town, Facebook Turns 6, And Midtown Manhattan Sucks

by Rachelle Hruska · February 4, 2010

    @katiebakes (nodding) RT @snoopdogg: The force is strong today in NYC 12 minutes ago from Echofon

    @derekblasberg Best celebrity spotting EVER: Snoop Doggy Dog (is that how you say it? Or Dawg?) was on my flight from LA. Silk Hermes scarf do rag = Chic! about 2 hours ago from web

    @ParisHilton Shooting this commercial outside on the freezing streets of New York, so cold! less than a minute ago from web


    @scottharrison I can't believe that I am about to eat this. 5 minutes ago from UberTwitter'


    @fredwilson Midtown Manhattan has no soul and no edge. It is a blight on an otherwise magical island 18 minutes ago from Seesmic

    @gavinpurcell @fredwilson It does have history which makes it interesting. I work in Rockefeller Center @ NBC and the art deco + murals help. 5 minutes ago from Tweetie in reply to fredwilson

    @newyorkist: - I want a Dalton backpack about 1 hour ago from TwitPic


    @mashable Happy 6th Birthday, Facebook! - about 3 hours ago from


    @formerlyCwalken I went to a coffee shop -not so much on purpose. There were women knitting extravagant things. Like escape pods. I asked. They wouldn't say. about 9 hours ago from web