Twitterific Tweets, Taylor Swift In 3D, Ivanka Trump Plays Hockey In C.Park, And Date Night In NYC

by Rachelle Hruska · January 7, 2010

    @cjronson Shooting Charlotte Ronson spring 2010 campaign today at the Lafayette house. 43 minutes ago from TwitterBerry-

    @RachelSterne The 'Twitterati' predict media industry trends in 2010: about 1 hour ago from web

    @jennydeluxe: Taylor Swift to document her next tour using Sony 3D technology. #ces2010 about 3 hours ago from web


    @IvankaTrump Just played ice hockey with Jared and my brothers at Wollman Rink in central park. It was beyond fun...but I was very very wobbly! about 10 hours ago from UberTwitter

    @lakebell Snuggies --RT @JRichardKelly: What would be the best word that describes the polar opposite of "Renaissance"? about 9 hours ago from UberTwitter

    @StevenRojas Everyone in ny is on a "date" right now. about 10 hours ago from UberTwitter


    @CarsonGriffith Really loving cafe gitane in the jane hotel as the mulled wine was as good as @carolhan said & its right across from my apt about 10 hours ago from UberTwitter

    @derekblasberg Whoever did the set design for Ugly Betty must have thought the offices for fashion magazines are housed in florescent gay spaceships. about 11 hours ago from web

    @AshleySimko - Only in New York City could an ordinary trip to McDonald's entail a red carpet, strobe lights and a bouncer. about 11 hours ago from TwitPic