Twitterific Tweets: Travel And Twilight Obsessions

by CHRISTINE LAI · July 20, 2010

    @bryanboy My 53-year old mother wants to know what the term 'hipster' means.-


    @ CarsonGriffith I'm more stealth than A-Rod & Cameron Diaz. C'mon ppl. That says something.- - -

    @ chrissiemiller (ad) RT: @drewpsie I just booked 3 trips on @Delta I think that my new-found-love of travel has become an obsession- - -

    @ AggyDeyn Sat listening to the twilight official score...lolz....that's right...and feel like I'm in the line for an Alton towers ride- - -

    @ beckadiamond RT @kuzas: Business woman just bought a 40 at the bodega. Times is hard- - -

    @ SMYLIFE My wardrobe and I decided we're wearing all black again, enough with the summer colors. I must be craving Fall- - -

    @ harleyvnewton Just risked my life and tried blowfish for the first time- -

    - @ maliksochic confession time! anyone need to confess? yesterday i had 6 donuts for 3.99 at dunkin donuts those adds are too tempting . but i droped one