Twitterific Tweets: Trekking Through Jet Lag and First Time Ferry Rides

by CHRISTINE LAI · July 21, 2010

    @NS0385 Back sweat at 9am...happy hump day, twerps.-


    @ CarsonGriffith I'm a sucker for song lyrics but "Build Me Up Buttercup" is my "You had me at hello" #thankyouforthetext- - -

    @ nedhepburn Asked self if I wanted to go to a bar after. "I'm tired", I say. Guess I won't be putting out later. #inception- - - -

    @ arielilana Me too! RT @samcorrales: I don't care whae anyone says, I still love Times Square. The lights make me happy!- -

    @ caitlinmoe Nothing like a run in the streets of new york at 11pm. #whattimezoneamIin ?- - -

    @bevyjreyes Right. Exhausted at 10:30 again. #jetlag but not going home #yet.- - - -

    @ Lafsky First time on the Staten Island ferry. Still can't believe it's free.- - - -

    @ kristianlaliber I'm actually excited to rock my girls blazer @erinfetherston @world_of_juicy just need to take pads out @britaboutaleb twins!