Twitterific Tweets: Veterans Day Kisses, Food Coma's From Spotted Pig And Wacky Bill Murray Stories

by Rachelle Hruska · November 11, 2009

    @CosmoOnline Happy Veterans Day! It’s early, but we’re collecting kisses in NYC. First stop: Military Island in Times Square. about 1 hour ago from web

    @JonnyFamous Are drunk Waspy fucks recession proof? Cause they will talk all night about how wack shit is with a $500 tab...Just saying...Captain Rock!!! about 6 hours ago from TwitterBerry

    More tweets below...

    @StevenRojas At Avenue for @mikenouveau he just played Violent Femms kiss off for me. That's 3 places I heard it tonight. Yes. about 7 hours ago from UberTwitter

    @kelleyhoffman @xxpjc is doing 'the butterfly' to 'no diggity' in a bow tie, cummerbund, and ninja turtle t-shirt. Hero to all. about 7 hours ago from Twittelator

    @CarsonGriffith Friends at boom boom room or usl. Carson headed to bed. Unlikely situation. about 9 hours ago from UberTwitter


    @bhammerling Ate the burger at the Spotted Pig which is always an epic experience. And one that puts u into a fabulous food coma. about 9 hours ago from Tweetie

    @thecajunboy Sometimes I feel like the only person in New York City who doesn't have their own wacky Bill Murray story, and I'm not happy about it. about 10 hours ago from web

    @danielshea Been at mermaid inn oyster bar for 90 minutes. Still waiting for food. I know its opening night but... about 10 hours ago from UberTwitter