Twitterriffic Tweets: CFDA After Party And Late Night Escapades

by CATHY LEVETT · June 8, 2010

    @asiddy boom boomed out. yigal, jason wu, and nicole miller were in the house. jason finally let lose and ordered a martini. u go, childe.

    -- @Sn00ki Last nights escapades! - - @misswill If you walk past Henri Bendel (my fave store in the city) at 7AM on a weekday you can watch the window display change...fierce. - -

    @NBC Local Ray-Ban Rare Prints Wayfarers gives homage to NYC subway, from @NBCNewYork - - @derekblasberg Taxi home. And we're all obsessed with Jimmy Kimmel's video with Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Lenny, me, yur mom, Mr. McCounnaghey... JIMMY 4EVA

    - - @AshleySimko Text from best guy friend: "Its times like these that I realize you might be the best friend I've ever had." Auto-response: "In jail again?"


    @miamoretti My bikini bod is ready for bonnaroo..Thank you Moschino!


    - @AskMrMickey Hottest guy at the Boom Boom Room tonight.... Andre Balazs. He just gets hotter and hotter and he's Hungarian (American)!!! -