You're Invited To Rachel Uchitel's Birthday Party

by BILLY GRAY · January 19, 2010

    Rachel "Celebrity Socialite" Uchitel is celebrating her 35th birthday on Friday, January 29th in Palm Beach. Everyone's invited! Some exploding golf balls would make for the perfect gag gift, don't you think?-

    Because 35 year-old Rachel and octogenarian-riddled Palm Beach are trendy, dammit, she is having the party at a place called 251 PB. Says lounge owner Gus Renny of his danceteria:

    "You're on an island that has ... some of the trendiest people in America who live here and no cool, swanky, upscale place to go. And these people are used to going to some of the hottest, coolest places, and then we have really nothing to offer them here."

    251 PB's previous incarnation was called 251 Sunrise. No stranger to controversy, that joint's claim to infamy was once playing host to 9/11 hijacker Mohammad Atta.

    Rachel is sure to leave a classier mark, with the help of DJ Adam Lipson, unnamed "Special Guests" (we can probably guess who one of them won't be) and celebrity DJs (because apparently Lipson doesn't make the cut).

    Anyway, if those 35 candles don't fit on the cake, maybe Rachel can make do with the number of other Tiger mistresses that have come out of the wood(s)work since her confession. Or has that topped 35 by now?

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