Donna Karan Makes Injuries Sexy: A Tale Of The Cashmere Cast

by Ross Kenneth Urken · December 17, 2010

    Donna Karan makes fashion a priority in every aspect of her life--even when choosing a cast. Eli Obus's video tells the story of how she broke her arm with Russell Simmons in the Outback and her cashmere remedy.

    All decked-out in black at her Urban Zen Center, Donna Karan came out to co-host The Truth: A Haiti Hope Help &Relief Auction.  A continuing online auction will be held at Charity Buzz through January 21. Karan ultimately seemed more focused on the altruistic bent to the evening and got stymied by questions about the marketability prospects of her medical brace, chic as it was. She focus on the charity at hand and eschewed any thoughts otherwise with some measured aggression.