Cure Cubicle Fever The Alcoholic Way

by MADDY MADISON · June 9, 2008

    Flip Cup[Image via Flip Cup Guys]

    Regardless of whether you went to state college or graced the halls of a hallowed undergrad institution, there are a few near-universal rites of passage that ensue. One is playing Russian Roulette with the athlete's-foot-infested dorm shower stalls and the other is contracting mono from excessive participation in Flip Cup tournaments. Now, thanks to the Flip Cup Guys, there's no need to mature beyond sophomore year. Just join the NYC Tournament of Champions!

    Coming up this Saturday, the event is being held/endured at the Village Pourhouse at 64 Third Avenue at 11th Street and if you're too uncoordinated to play, the magnanimous fellas at Flip Cup are selling spectator tickets for those who couldn't score U.S. Open seats. Some perks: 3 hours of open beer and free "playing" beer all day long. Losers compete in the lowest bracket, called the Toilet Bowl, and upon winning, are given an actual toilet seat (no joke) with which to seal their fate as absolute failures at life.