Honest Tea's Gimmick Leaves A Bad Taste In Our Mouths

by Chiara Atik · April 22, 2010

    Honest Tea placed a stand of tea on the corner of 14th and 9th, next to a jar of a money and a sign that says "$1" a bottle. So how trustworthy are New Yorkers, really? -

    Will most people passing by opt to take just one bottle, and put a dollar in the jar? Will people be able to walk by the jar full of money without grabbing it?

    It's sort of an awkward question, really. Because the people who are reading about this in the comfort of their offices, on their laptops, or possibly even next to the stand itself in The Apple Store (people stop by the Apple Store to read Guest of a Guest all the time, don't they?) can probably chuckle to themselves and resist the temptation to steal a $1 bottle of tea, or a couple handfuls of dollar bills.

    But when you think of all the homeless people who populate 14th street, who beg for coins outside the subway...

    It sort of seems a bit...taunting? To leave a jar full of money, unguarded on a pedestal? Because, yes, maybe people are honest, but, in some cases, why should they be?