“Quiet Subway Cars!?”

by guestofaguest · October 12, 2007


    Back in September, the Times reported that the MTA finally approved a deal to allow cell phone towers in the subways. Hallelujah. D.C. residents have had this luxury for years and frankly, it's been down right embarrassing to our city that we don't have this by now (or digital readings that let you know how many minutes until the next train comes which would completely revolutionize our mornings, and which is something that many other systems have in place including the old country-London). The thing is, the deal they made was so pathetic that we felt it unworthy of a post. First, the company that won the right to wire the stations, Transit Wireless, has 10 years to do this. Who knows if we'll even still be living here then? Also, the signals would only be in the stations, not the subway cars themselves. Which leads us to why we are posting on this un-newsworthy "deal" today...

    Today, Gothamist was quick to inform us that the city council met with the MTA and some council members came up with another genius retarded idea regarding this plan. "Quiet Cars". Councilman Oliver Koppell says that these quiet cars would be a "haven from the chattering masses who would use cell phones in the cars". Um, Oliver, how much are you getting paid this year? We would like to cut that amount in half and then halve it again. First of all, we will point out the obvious: did you fail to recognize that the policy is for the stations only, meaning no one will be able to talk in route while in the cars?! Second, even if we could talk on our phones while in a subway car, there is no way us being on a phone would be the thing standing in the way of your imaginary tranquil environment. This statement leads us to believe you are getting paid way too much and have never actually ridden on a subway car in your life. We want our text messages so we can make the rides at least a little quicker. Now ,start figuring things out faster and quit wasting our time and taxes with your "brilliant" ideas. Thanks.