The Case Of The PR Publicist Hack Job?

by Rachelle Hruska · September 1, 2009

    Mallory MontillaIt has been a rough week for 24 year-old PR girl Mallory Montilla. After being arrested this past Friday, she became blogofodder today as the "budding socialite" who has been accused of coping 100k in jewelry.  The NYPost ran the hack job piece today, and naturally it has begun to spread.  But Jessica Pressler over at NYMag has called bullshit.  And we're tending to lean this way too, mainly because the date Whisper PR said they terminated Montilla on a Saturday.

    "We felt that she wasn't performing up to our standards around July 18," Klein said. "After the termination, we noticed some inconsistencies in her reports, and we went straight to the police."

    Ok, so Whisper PR co-founder Karly Klein said "around" but why then do you proffer up an exact date?  If Whisper operates like most PR related companies in NYC, summer Fridays are a wash, making her "around" land on a dead Friday or a Sunday.  Hmmm... Perhaps "mid July" would have been more appropriate, especially when speaking to the New York Post about a supposed $100,000 theft.  But let's not worry about all those fine details!

    The excessive name planting of Whisper PR and Leslie Greene (which Pressler over at NYMag points out) is another possible giveaway, as well as the supposed ease of the theft.  There was no real secret here, Montilla was in charge of transporting and keeping the jewelry.  She parted ways with the company, and had yet to return the jewelry items.  A complaint was filed on the 23rd of July, and for whatever reason was not resolved leading to an arrest on the 28th of August.  Something tells us that Montilla certainly didn't think she would be able to pull a fast one on Whisper.

    Lastly, are we to really believe that it was 100k in jewelry?  It sounds good, and makes Whisper look like a big bustling firm with tons of clients and revenue, etc. but then why don't they list any on their website?  Let's see if there are more details that emerge that shed a little more light on this otherwise one-sided story.