The Wedding Party

by Rachelle Hruska · December 23, 2008

    [Jeff Weinstein and John Perreault. Photo by Jodi Hilton for the NYTimes]

    Let's take a look at the weddings that made the headlines this week. Do you know of a fun, interesting wedding? Drop us a line and let us know about it!

    [Introducing Guest of a Guest's "The Wedding Party"]

    Jeff Weinstein and John Perreault. (Pictured above) Married on December 6th.  After a 32 year long relationship, Jeff and John celebrated with a ceremony which included Walt Whitman poems and an official Justice of the Peace.  They met at a San Diego Bowling alley, though an lived an entire country apart. “When John went back to New York, something dramatic happened: I woke up one day and couldn’t see colors,” he said. “Everything was gray.” Before rushing to a hospital, he called a friend, who offered a simple diagnosis. “My friend said, ‘You’re not sick, you’re in love.’ ”  John decided to return to NYC to be with Jeff and the rest is history.

    More weddings below:

    Morgan Paige and Ron Sklar: Married Sunday, December 21st.  Morgan graduated from Bucknell with an MBA from Cornell.  She is now an associate brand manager in the Chicago office of Unilever.  Ron is a second-year law student at Northwestern, he completed his undergraduate from the University of Michigan.


    Arna Berke-Schlessel and Zachary Zohlman: Married Saturday, the 20th in New Haven, CT.  Arna is the manager for business development at the NYC office of Torys, a Toronto law firm.  She graduated from the University of Rochester.  Zachary is the sous-chef at the Four Seasons Hotel in NYC.


    Bella Sewall and David Wolitz: Married Sunday, the 21st at Adas Israel Congregation in Washington.  Bella, a lawyer specializing in American Indian water rights graduated summa cum laude from Harvard.  David is an associate professor of legal research and writing at Georgetown University law center.  He graduated from Stanford with honors.


    Margaret Laman and Zachary Johnston: Married Sunday, the 21st at the Ocean Key Resort in Key West, Fla.  The couple met at Northwestern University where they both graduated cum laude and where Zachary is in his second year as an M.B.A. student.  Margaret is a junior high music teacher from Greenwich, CT.