New Year's Eve Day & Night @ Revel

by Chiara Atik · January 5, 2010

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    Most people get excited about New Year's Eve because it's the one night a year they can light sparklers. For the regulars at Revel's Day & Night Brunch, it's just like any other Saturday.-

    Because of this, one might worry that New Year's Eve at Revel might seem a little anti-climatic; after all, champagne and fireworks are nothing new for this crowd. But, as we've seen again and again, if anyone can pull off getting people perpetually excited by fire on a stick, it's the Koch brothers, who expanded this year into Miami (aka the warmer New York). The New Yorker's held down the fort though at the usual spot, ringing in a new year of Brunches, sparklers, and, well, reveling.