Window Hopping: Times Square Performance Art

by BILLY GRAY · October 22, 2009

    New York shops take their holiday window decorations seriously. And while the ornate, tourist trapping displays won't arrive for another month or so, we can all get our fix through Sunday, October 25th with's living, breathing installations at Chashama (112 West 44th Street). The project, titled "so much depends upon a [red wheelbarrow]" aims to "put contemporary social debates into a new perspective" with performance art inspired by William Carlos Williams 1923 poem The Red Wheelbarrow. (I'll admit the poem goes a bit over my head, but smarter people say it's about the philosophy that there are "no ideas but in things.")

    Participants tackle a different subject each day, some topical (so much depends upon the [stimulus package], so much depends upon [Iran]) and some eternal (so much depends on the [subway], so much depends upon [your date]). Check it out before midtown's windows are monopolized by snowflakes and Christmas lights.