Ah, the timeless appeal of living like "a French girl." From beauty to fashion to their exact diet plans, the elusive je ne sais quoi of Europe's most elegant rebels has been pored over (by Americans, mostly) for decades. And while the word "effortless" is often thrown around when we talk French style, so many of the influencers and fashionistas we see in street style posts during, say, Paris Fashion Week, literally embody anything but. Flashy looks and designer logos do not a Parisian cool kid make. But one Instagram account is sorting through all of the "Emilys" in Paris to showcase the true essence of the city's chicest residents. 

Behold, @ParisiensInParis. Filled with sneakily-shot candids of people on the street, the account has earned a huge cult following this year, despite making its debut in 2019. Besides being a bit more active in recent months, perhaps it's due to everyone's heightened lockdown wanderlust - and search for comfy, but cool, outfit inspiration for reentering society. 

Long coats, dad sneakers, and, yes, even berets galore - click through for a peek at how actual French girls dress.