Fresh Oyster Vending Machines Exist!

by Christie Grimm · August 15, 2017

    And you thought champagne vending machines were cause for celebration! It seems on France's petite west coast island of Île de Ré, human creativity is finally living up to its potential in the form of a 24/7 oyster vending machine.

    That's right - on demand seafood. The owners of the small towns local oyster shop, L’Huitrière de Ré, came to such a brilliant idea when considering how often their patrons would arrive just after closing, left disappointed and empty handed.

    Now, for the price of $8 a dozen, locals can get their huîtres fix at all hours of the night from their machines. Stocked daily with oysters, all of the seafood is sold closed to ensure freshness. So sure, you'll have to shuck them yourself. But hey - the small price you pay for such a luxury.

    [Photos via, @marijkehoos]