Let Them Eat Cake....And Cheeseburgers!

by Rachelle Hruska · January 5, 2012

    For years, France has been the model for all things chic and thin. However clearly France's influence, with their ever expanding waistlines, is falling by the waysides. Check out this photo for the new Darth Vader themed burgers, the "Jedi Burger" and the "Dark Vador Burger," to be offered exclusively at the French fast food chain "Quick." One has a pitch-black bun in between four inches of processed garbage, and the other has an unrecognizable substance sitting atop it's patty. Tres chic!

    France may be known as the birth of the French Fries (a totally misappropriated claim, they came from Belgium) but it was only less than a decade ago that French citizens so vehemently loathed all things fast food, that they went so far as to bomb local McDonald's restaurants in France.

    It's safe to say that the French and their fierce aversions to all things processed has reached it's end.

    French Women Don't Get Fat?

    That's sooooo last season.

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