There's A Chinese City Designed Exactly Like Paris...

by Christie Grimm · January 24, 2018

    Who isn't a francophile? I mean, these days especially everyone and their sister is wearing a beret. But building a life-size city replica of Paris meant to be lived in? That goes beyond the Las Vegas sites.

    Under development since 2007, the Chinese city of Tianducheng is technically a luxury real estate complex, designed to appeal to wealthy sophisticates in search of a far more convenient pied-à-terre escape. Haussman-style homes frame the main event, an Eiffel Tower replica. And sure it may be one-third the size of the real thing, but hey, pretty impressive - you know, in a Single White Female kind of way. They've also their own Champs d'Elysees plaza, as well a model fountain from the Jardin du Luxembourg. 

    But alas, it appears all of this copy cat effort may have been for nought as the development is surprisingly uninhabited. 

    Weird, non?

    [Photos via Getty]