The New York Review Does "After Hours" At Le Cirque

by HANNAH LAWRENCE · February 8, 2010

    Trevan Van Buren, Keri Ingvarsson, Chris Hauser, Lauren Clarke Jensen, Kristian Moller JensenAli Conover, Alexandra Lauricella, Meghan Labiak, Kerry SullivanEmma Cleary

    New York's top film, fashion, media and finance figures gathered in the famed glass room that overhangs the one and only Le Cirque on Friday for The New York Review's "after hours" themed party.

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    The event is the first stateside version of the popular French series, Paris Review. Here, less cool accents but equally stimulating conversation. But what happens when people from such different industries (okay, maybe they're just a little different) come together? What do they talk about? Punxsutawney Phil? Jennifer Aniston's spread in "Architectural Digest?" Surely they found common ground somewhere. If they were desperate, we're sure a few people whipped out the old "Sandra Bullock does not deserve an Oscar" shtick.

    jill bernsteinIan Gerard, Starr DensfordSalman KhokharDavid Hill, Jessica Hill