You Know You're In Greenwich When...

by Chiara Atik · May 24, 2010

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    Here's how you know you're in Greenwich: you're standing on the perfectly manicured lawn of a perfectly landscaped garden, celebrating a Polo game, (except you don't call it a game, you call it a match), and the gentleman you're conversing with is wearing a blazer, khaki shorts, and loafers with no socks.-

    Jen Danzi held a party at Conyers Farms in Greenwich to celebrate the final match of the Greenwich Polo Club and the upcoming Victory Cup, and the party reminded us of all the things easily recognizable (and, in its own way, loveable) about that little enclave to the North that is Greenwich, Connecticut.

    You know you're in Greenwich when you sink down into the perfectly plush bright blue cushions of an outdoor lawn chair, in front of a faux outdoor-hearth.

    You know you're in Greenwich when a not-small percentage of the male guests are wearing pink collared shirts.

    ...and un-ironic pocket squares.....

    You know you're in Greenwich when sweaters are worn casually tied over one's shoulders, instead of on.

    You know you're in Greenwich when party snapshots look end up looking like New York Times Engagement Announcement photos.

    You know you're in Greenwich when the sandwiches are presumably watercress and cucumber, and have been quartered and stuck onto toothpicks with the crusts cut off.

    You know you're in Greenwich when people quietly congregate around the keg like it's the office water cooler, and while yes, there are Solo Cups, at least they're a nice Lilly Pulitzer Green and not Red.