I Dream Of....Hillary?

by LAUREN BELSKI · March 7, 2008

    hillary and obama

    Dreams. We’ve all had a prophetic one of sorts in our lives. You know, the one where that guy from your Art History class suddenly appears as a lumberjack and guides you out of a forest full of unicorns the size of bumble bees and you wake and think to yourself, ‘Maybe I’m kind of into him.’? No? Well, maybe it’s not a guy from your class. Maybe it’s your neighbor from that farm town in Kansas you used to live in with the lawn ornaments, or the bodega dude who knows exactly how you like your coffee. Or maybe it’s Hillary or Barack. Maybe they’re trying to tell you something. Or, maybe the universe is trying to prepare you for something. Following me here? Not yet? Well, if you are one of the many whose mind is vexed continuously by the present Democratic struggle for a presidential candidate, then perhaps one of the front runners has crept his or her way into your dream cycle? Perhaps, if you were able to share the scenario that took place in this dream, and piece it together with the many others who are also meeting personally with the candidates in their subconscious, together we all could piece together a massive puzzle. That’s where www.idreamofhillaryidreamofbarack.com comes in. People across the globe (with internet access and a command of the English language) can share their sleepy-time adventures with everyone. So far I’ve read plenty of Obama sexy dreams, but have yet to come across a Clinton/Obama encounter. If I were writing my own dream dictionary, I’d have to say that would most likely qualify as a “split ticket”, but we won’t get too graphic about “who’s on top.” Ewwwww.