Confessions Of A Drunken Mind

by MADDY MADISON · March 6, 2008

    tequilaSome revelations after a Gilt-ridden Wednesday night: Most of us graduated from tequila and college around the same time. With our entry into the [laughably] real world of New York, we came to see the pitfalls of, say, becoming too chummy with a bottle of Patron and concluding the evening sans bra but with a staggering array of drag queen phone numbers. Ah, lessons learned in the wee hours are the most educational, no? Yeah, I don’t think so either but Tequila Confessions does. Billed as a safe space to share your lushy tequila “experiences,” Tequila Confessions also wants to bolster your wealth of intimate knowledge of their liquid gold. It’s practically a public service. Come, document for all posterity and future employers precisely how many bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches you downed from the deli right before you turned control of your bodily functions over to a drink most commonly associated with a worm. What are you waiting for? There are exes to humiliate and friends to alienate, viral style!

    [Embracing Your Inner Serena van der Woodsen]