Loaves And Fishes Isn't Just For Wishes

by Joseph Russell · June 18, 2008

    loaves and fishes sagaponackThough Loaves and Fishes is perhaps most famous for its $100/lb lobster salad, I can't hate it, or even scoff at it. For one thing, it has a terrific, if ironic name (methinks the original loaves and fishes were gratis), and for another, the quality is really high (especially in that lobster salad, which is made daily from Montauk lobsters). Plus the modest white shop, perched on the corner of Sagg Main and 27, is just too cute. Apart from the sticker shock, Loaves and Fishes is a very welcoming, homey place, overflowing with picnic-primed goodies. If you're watching your wallet, I'd suggest going for some of the cheaper items (fresh baked rustic boules, all sorts of cheeses, charcuterie, savory and sweet tarts), and hitting the obliging staff up for samples of the rest. 

    [Image via Loaves and Fishes]