Swedish Midsummer Night's Dream At Tao

by guestofaguest · June 20, 2008

    Tao\'s Sweedish Midsummer Night Dream

    Go HERE for more photos from the event by Ben Kaufman.

    Last night Tao hosted the Swedish Midsummer's night dream. The whole restaurant was done up, with rose petals littered across the floor and angelic women dressed in white glidding through the rooms. Most of the modeling world, and some of Hollywood came out to share in the drinking and dining.

    paris hilton at swedish midsummer night\'s dream party

    Some of the special guests where Mel B, Gina Gershon, Mario Lopez, and even Paris stopped by. The night was long and energetic with everyone dancing and enjoying themselves. All in all it felt like a true midsummers night dream.

    By Ben Kaufman