The Candy Kitchen Impresses Again

by Joseph Russell · July 9, 2008

    ice cream in bridgehamptonBy John Hering So here I am again, rating food without qualification. But I will try to explain with integrity why The Candy Kitchen in Bridgehampton has the best ice cream I have ever scooped. A high compliment to be sure, but I feel the CK is deserving. Upon employee recommendation I enjoyed a two scoop bowl (for $6.50! Damn these Hamptons), half strawberry and half banana.

    Both homemade flavors stood out in similar ways; extremely fluffy and intensely fruity, these confections are not of the typical ice cream shop style of vanilla-with-chunks-of-mystery-fruit.

    Instead, the fresh flavors of local fruits are completely infused with the rich frozen cream, and my banana/strawberry combination was perfect. And what else is there to say really about ice cream? The store was cute and so were the ladies behind the counter. Compliments to them and to the chef!