The White Buffalo To Stampede Surf Lodge

by Joseph Russell · June 13, 2008

    [Image via The White Buffalo]

    We know we mention Surf Lodge fairly often, but that's because it. is. awesome. I'm not really sure where all the "go back to Jersey" comments come from, as both times I've gone the scene's been very low-key hipster, with great views and even greater food. Tomorrow, the elusive and incredible White Buffalo will be playing there, and all of you with any openings in your calendar should definitely check him out.

    WB has one of the most memorable voices I've heard since, well ever, very deep and husky, with a bit of a rasp. His lyrics are go beyond mournful and into morbid, accompanied by simple, well-timed guitar. If you're a fan of The national, Elliott Smith, Sun Kil Moon, Tom Waits, or Johnny Cash, you'll dig this guy. You can buy his EP on iTunes, though Hogtied Like A Rodeo, his first, and only full-length album, can be hard to find. Let me know what you think of the show, and/or the albums.