Kate Middleton Spruces Up Kensington Palace With $1500 In Air Fresheners

by Afrodet Zuri · July 21, 2011

    Prince William and Duchess Kate have moved into their new London residence at Kensington Palace, upon their return from their American tour. Kate's first act as woman of the house? She purchased $1458 worth of air fresheners and candles designed by Kelly Hoppen, a British interior designer.

    "Kate is used to a more modern, relaxed environment," gossiped a pal of Kate's to Daily Mail. "She felt [Kensington] had an overriding musty, damp smell, and ordered a six-month supply of her favorite products to override this. She’s also thrown pillows around to make it look more minimalist-chic and less fuddy-duddy. William was happy to go with the flow."

    One of Hoppen's candles fetches a mere $27.99  on Ebay. Like all royals, Kate and William do not pay rent on their residence and are being supported by taxes from their subjects.

    Hoppen will have a larger presence in the royal home than just air fresheners and has been chosen to take care of the interior design at the palace as the royal couple strives to create a modern home that better fits their style. We will all be watching with scrutiny as Kate picks something a little more significant than candle.

    The important question left to ask: How many candles is it going to take to freshen up the place when Kate and William upgrade to Buckingham Palace?