Pippa Middleton Chooses A Suitor: Meet Alex Loudon

by Diana Graham · August 22, 2011

    Ever since Kate Middleton became the Duchess of Cambridge, all eyes have been on her beautiful sister, Pippa, and, by association, the men she spends time with. Enter: Alex Loudon. He's no prince, but we still like him!



    Who is he?

    Born September 6, 1980 in Westminster, England

    Has been friends with Prince William since attending Eton with him

    He used to be a professional English cricketer; retired in 2007 but now captains his former school team, the Eton Ramblers

    Loudon enrolled in the Masters in Finance program at London Business School in 2008 and is now a banker (in his father's footsteps)

    Has dated Pippa for over a year, with a brief break at the beginning of this summer

    He accompanied Pippa to her sister's royal wedding

    Nicknames include "Noisy", "A-Lo", and "Minotaur". Hmmm...