High-End Dating App, The League, Is Hosting A Sexy Egg-Freezing Mixer

by Jane Ninivaggi · July 19, 2016

    The League is no longer just an invitation only dating app for elitists that wish to date someone who is "attractive enough to at least look good in black-and-white photos," who also "meets your way-too-restricitive height preferences," and has the same "religion" and "ambition" levels (whatever those things are) as you. Now, for the first time ever in cyber-dating history, The League is helping women take control of their bodies and their future - and, no, we're not mistaking The League for those Bumble plebs. 

    The League is looking out for the independent, sperm-less women of the world [re:Hamptonites] by hosting an Egg Mixer, as in an Egg Freezing & Fertility Panel, with other singles just slightly better than you. The event will present an extensive panel complete with board-certified reproductive specialists, details on the egg-freezing process, and most importantly, cocktails. 

    While the name "Egg Mixer" sounds more like an overpriced appliance we'd buy at Sur La Table, we're all about saying f*ck you to timelines (or at least we have been since our boss gave us that last big project). Seriously, don't let your ovary dust get you down. The League is looking out for you. Well, not all of you. Only some of you. Actually, literally only 1% of you - like the 1%. 

    I mean what else are you doing this Wednesday night? Swiping right to that grungy guy guaranteed to give you a canker sore and a subpar gene-pool? Please.

    RSVP HERE (FYI, it might be worth the trip to San Francisco!)

    [Photo via Facebook]