Woman's Health In Southampton: Pilates, MBTs, And Freebies Galore

by Joseph Russell · July 1, 2008

    On our way to buy running sneakers at Gubbins, Rachelle and I noticed a sign for Woman's Health Studio on Windmill Lane. Inside, a single airy room was covered in red yoga mats, displays of MBT sneakers, LUNA Bars, free weights, and pilates rings.

    A friendly WH employee explained to us that the magazine had been hosting complimentary Pilates classes throughout the weekend, and that we were just in time for the last one. When we saw the toned limbs and affable grin of our instructor, well-known Pilates guru Brooke Siler, we immediately signed up.

    The class was a mix of traditional mat work and intensive abdominal exercises -well suited to our bikinified summer. After our last lower-back stretch, Brooke informed us that everything in the room, apart from the floorboards, was ours for the taking. Five minutes later, we staggered out with four yoga mats, two rings, two 8lb arm weights, pink MBT socks, and about a years-worth of LUNA Bars clutched in our soon-to-be toned arms.